Worldwide Shipping

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Don’t limit the expansion of your business: thanks to our integrations with leading international carriers, we give you access to over 200 destinations worldwide.

The GOC® is always capable of determining the most efficient delivery solution for each shipment, by assessing the geographical area, time frame, parameters and the contractual conditions of each courier.

With the PayPerShip® solution, you’ll get a single flat rate, without expenses or extra charges. If you go for the B4B® solution, the GOC® will always guarantee the most efficient choice amongst your contracted couriers, followed by a detailed verification of correspondence on the invoice.

Shipments abroad benefit from all our services, including traceability and anomaly management, plus the provision of all the customs documents required for each country.

We also offer an innovative service called MultiPack® that is available in a growing number of foreign destinations. Based on the grouping of single shipments, it provides very favorable rates on the last stretch of the delivery and is managed autonomously from the platform, with no impact on operations.

For fashion merchants

Shipping and storing clothes in an appropriate and protected way, managing returns, performing quality control and reconditioning are among the main needs of the fashion industry, which is currently experiencing a significant increase in online sales worldwide.

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Fulfillment logistics

Your e-commerce is growing fast, storage space is not enough, and average pick-up times are increasing. These are all common scenarios…

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Safe Shipping®

Theft, damage or loss are anomalies that can affect shipments. At e-motion, we give your business our full attention to monitor these events. Thanks to the GOC®, our proprietary algorithm, we develop an efficiency index associated with each courier branch, which is constantly updated…

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