worldwide shipping


the most efficient delivery

Automatic choice of the best delivery service for each shipment.


Instantly ready with one click, for all couriers.


Error-proof, real-time tracking, with accurate last-mile delivery management.

the most efficient delivery

Thanks to the GOC® patented algorithm, our platform automatically picks the most efficient delivery solution for each shipment, taking into consideration elements such as destination, time, tariffs and additional charges.

Besides, the GOC® regularly updates an efficiency index that ranks delivery branches based on time compliance, the number of claims and missed deliveries. This index is then used as an additional parameter to determine the optimal courier choice.

Instant waybills

From the moment your orders are processed through our platform, we immediately provide ready-to-print waybills available in different formats to suit your operational needs. You can get them via email to pre-established addresses, in the shipping section of the control panel, or directly on the back-office of your e-commerce platform if the function is supported.

Note that the waybills issued by our platform are the original slips generated by the courier’s system – the only ones that comply with official specifications. This ensures the highest level of reading in the sorting centers and guarantees continuous shipment tracking.

Error-proof, standardized traceability

A unified tracking system that allows you and your customers to follow the shipment step by step.

The standardization of order statuses brings on an extreme improvement in readability, simplifying the identification and resolution of problems.

Integrated couriers 

We support all major domestic and international carriers, including last-mile specialists in fresh and premium services.