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The role of digital enablers in e-commerce is fundamental since they are the ones supporting merchants during the first crucial steps that determine the opening and the expansion of their online stores.

When designing the customer journey, merchants face a series of sensitive steps, some of which involve technological choices, such as the selection of the e-commerce platform and everything that goes with it (i.e., multi-channel management, shipments, and after-sales).

E-motion supports digital agencies achieve maximum efficiency by complementing and enriching their technological offer. As they integrate our platform, digital enables gain access to a complete solution for the management of multiple channels, shipments, and all after-sales. This doesn’t just make store managers’ lives easier, it also provides merchants with a real competitive advantage, thus raising the status of the agencies as strategic consultants.

For fashion merchants

Shipping and storing clothes in an appropriate and protected way, managing returns, performing quality control and reconditioning are among the main needs of the fashion industry, which is currently experiencing a significant increase in online sales worldwide.

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Worldwide Shipping

Don’t limit the expansion of your business: thanks to our integrations with leading international carriers, we give you access to over 200 destinations worldwide.

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Fulfillment logistics

Your e-commerce is growing fast, storage space is not enough, and average pick-up times are increasing. These are all common scenarios…

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