MultiPack Export

How does the MultiPack Export shipping service work?

MultiPack® Export is a road shipping service based on the grouping of individual shipments directed to Europe. Delivery times range between 46 and 96 hours with one rate per country for shipments of up to 30 kgs.

How it works

The service is split into two phases. The shipments in question are first created following the same procedure as for all other shipping services. Pickup by a courier is then booked.

Every single shipment is treated like any other from the point of view of notifications, traceability, and management of anomalies.

Phase one: creating the shipments

The shipment is created following the standard procedure. After entering all the details, the user only needs to select the MultiPack® Export service.

Once the shipping is created, a ready-to-print waybill is issued, which the user must apply outside the package.

The purpose of the waybill is to identify the shipment and the recipient, which is why matching it correctly with the order is an absolute must.

The waybill can be printed directly via the screen once a shipment is created, or through the sections ‘My shipments’ or ‘MultiPack Export’ in the private area, or from the e-mail you get once you create a shipment.

Phase two: booking a pickup

The user can manage the booking of a pickup by a courier for all the shipments awaiting collection in the section Shipping > FreshDelivery. It is necessary to select a departure from the list and the order that needs to be fulfilled.

The platform automatically calculates the total pickup cost (€ 5,00 for each pickup + € 0,75 per kg).

Following the pickup request, the user has to print the final label from the shipment preparation guide or in the ‘Pickup details‘ panel.

You can check shipment statuses in the ‘Pickup details’ panel.