advanced technology

A system designed for the future, built with an extremely integrated and modular architecture.

framework to optimize

A framework designed for the total optimization of processes – the number one prerequisite to achieving maximum operational efficiency.

super scalable infrastructure

Maximum solidity and flexibility to face volumes’ growth and computational complexity without any problem.

our vision

More than just the technological core of the e-motion platform, the HUB also represents our vision on the future of e-commerce.

holistic integration

Modularity and maximum integration are by definition the core elements of our platform, which is based on an open architecture.

We are integrated with all existing e-commerce platforms, with marketplaces, with all the main couriers, and with premium last-mile services, with ERP solutions, with CRM, and with warehouse management services.

Thanks to this total integration on our end, our customers only have to go through one single integration process with the e-motion platform, while enjoying all the benefits deriving from every single integrated service, including:

  • synchronization between platforms
  • optimization in the choice of couriers
  • comparative analysis and simulations of contractual efficiency
  • parameters standardization
  • channeling of data flows

integrated platforms

integrated couriers