how much does shipping with a courier really cost?

extra costs can make up to 20% of the total sum on the invoice

The first thing that happens when entering a contract with a courier is the establishment of some basic shipping rates, based on the dimensions and weight of packages.

While these are often thought of as the ultimate shipping rates, things turn out to be looking quite different by the end of a billing period, since ancillary costs and surcharges add up to the bills.

Ancillary charges and surcharges are not minor items on courier’s invoice, as they can weigh heavily on the total and are hardly predictable, therefore adding an element of management complexity.
They also make it hard to compare rates between couriers, since operators use different contract items and different ways of charging.

our solutions:

flat rates for the PayPerShip® and the power of the GOC®

PayPerShip® is the all-inclusive, carefree solution, with flat rates independently of the destination, and no surcharges and surprises on the invoice.

The GOC® is our proprietary algorithm that always allows optimizing the choice of the most efficient courier depending on multiple parameters and of course also the applied rates, including charges and surcharges.

If you choose the B4B®, solution instead, the GOC® always guarantees the most efficient choice among your contracted couriers, then proceeds to a detailed verification of the correspondence on the invoice. It also allows you to apply the revolutionary comparative contractual check-up: by applying every possible combination of the existing couriers’ offer to a historical period, it identifies the optimal mix of contracts and conditions for achieving maximum cost-efficiency.