advanced algorithm

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for the continuous analysis of data and variables related to shipments and couriers.

couriers contract management

Gathering contract parameters, standardization, and verification of their matching on the invoice.

contract diagnostics

Traffic analysis and comparative efficiency assessment of every possible combination of the existing courier offer.

all the power you want under the hood

The GOC® is a sophisticated proprietary algorithm, the intelligent engine that governs our entire platform.

Thanks to the use of machine learning applied to millions of shipments’ data gathered over the past 6 years, we have created an extremely powerful tool that can manage every variable related to shipping and couriers.

What does the GOC® do?

  • It determines the most efficient delivery solution, for each individual shipment, taking into consideration geographical area, timeframe, contract parameters and conditions of each courier.
  • It constantly updates an efficiency index associated with each delivery branch based on time compliance, the number of claims and non-deliveries. This index is then used as an additional parameter to determine the choice of optimal courier.
  • It gathers our customers’ contract parameters and proceeds to their standardization, to allow for a coherent verification of their consistency with the invoice.
  • It analyzes all customer shipments by period and proceeds to the comparative evaluation of contractual efficiency. This revolutionary check-up allows identifying the optimal mix of contracts and conditions for maximum savings by applying every possible combination of the existing couriers’ offer to the historical series of the period.

winning technology, at your service

The GOC® is in constant evolution. Capable of learning autonomously, it adapts to changing conditions and parameters in real time to ensure maximum decision-making performance in the choice of carriers over time.