The GOC®: the Artificial Intelligence that optimizes the customer experience 

The GOC® is the smart engine that optimizes all processes managed by the e-motion platform. Leveraging on machine learning and on the analysis of millions of records and time series, the GOC® updates in real time and controls after-sales processes automatically, so as to provide customers with the best purchasing experience, and sellers with maximum cost optimization.

Multichannel order management for greater efficiency

Order synchronization 

The GOC® synchronizes orders in real time from all your sales channels and gathers them in one dashboard. These can be managed according to fulfilment settings, even partially or in dropshipping.

Pick-up from your warehouse, points of sale or 3PL 

The GOC® completes the procedure by generating picking instructions from one’s own warehouse, from a point of sale or from a 3PL platform.

The most efficient delivery for every single order

Automatic courier choice

The GOC® automatically chooses the most efficient delivery solution for each individual shipment, evaluating a multitude of parameters, including geographical area, time frame, tariffs and accessory charges.

Real-time assessment of each branch’s performance

The GOC® constantly updates an efficiency index associated with each delivery branch in Italy and abroad according to the ratio of deadlines met, the number of claims and missed deliveries. This is used as an additional parameter to influence the choice of the carrier.

Ready-to-print label and automatic courier pick-up

Once the order is processed, the GOC® automatically generates a ready-to-print label. The labels generated are the courier’s original ones, to garantee the highest level of readability in the sorting hubs.

The GOC® automatically schedules the courier pick-up, even when there is no fixed pick-up agreement, like it is the case with triangulation and returns.

Customizable, real-time status update notifications

Touchpoint with your customers

The GOC® guarantees timely and reliable information on shipping statues that is completely customizable according to your needs. Notifications are sent automatically, in standard format regardless of the carrier used, and allow you to create a communication that is consistent with the brand identity.

Powerful marketing tool 

With a CTR that is three times higher than that of traditional marketing emails, delivery notifications are a powerful promotional tool, from shipment confirmation to tracking.

Advanced services for a winning export strategy

Calculation of customs duties

Customs duties have a tremendous impact on the selling price of your product. Being able to predict their impact on your sales is crucial to creating a winning export strategy, both in B2C and B2B.

The GOC® is a fundamental tool for calculating the actual impact of customs duties (duties and VAT) and customs clearance costs for each product category. As it is directly connected with the customs offices of numerous countries, it allows you to get the information you need to define your offer and set pricing strategies.

Automatic pro forma invoices

Thanks to the GOC®, pro-forma invoices are instantly issued and forwarded via EDI to the country of destination’s customs office. This makes the customs clearance process faster and more efficient. In most cases, customs are cleared before the arrival of the goods, ensuring that your customers are not exposed to common delivery delays.

In B2C sales, the GOC® identifies in advance whether the order is below tax exemption thresholds.

Real-time anomaly management

Automatic shipping tracking 

The GOC® monitors all shipments in real-time and anticipates problems. If an anomaly occurs, e-motion’s Artificial Intelligence activates a status of alert with automatic intervention margins, and sends out timely timely communications to the recipient.

Resolving all anomalies

The GOC® acts independently in most situations, interacting with both carrier and recipient for the resolution of any type of anomaly, be it absent recipient, stock release or claims. The escalation of problems can be managed by e-motion’s dedicated Call Center, through a ticket service managed via email, chat and voice.

Simple, hassle-free returns

For 80% of B2C consumers, a simple and efficient returns procedure is considered the top criteria of positive evaluation of a seller.

Automatic returns management

The GOC® optimizes the flow of returns by automatic all steps. The recipient can activate the return process by clicking on a link in the delivery notification. Once approved by the seller, the GOC® sends a notification to the recipient, including a ready-to-print label, packaging instructions and the possibility of selecting the date of collection by the courier.

Once the goods are verified upon their arrival at the warehouse, the GOC® closes the return procedure according to the options pre-set in the system.

Shipping analysis and cost control

Check-Up Spedizioni GOC®

Limited to the B4B® offer, the revolutionary GOC® Shipping Check-Up is an in-depth analysis of all shipping traffic combined to a comparative contractual check-up. By applying every possible combination of the existing courier’s offer to the data series of a given period, the GOC® is able to identify the optimal mix of contracts and conditions for the best cost / efficiency combination.

Invoice verification

The GOC® constantly monitors shipping costs and verifies they match agreed contractual parameters, focusing especially on additional charges and supplements. Following the check-up, a detailed report is issued and a request accreditation is automatically sent to the courier’s administrative back office.