Fulfillment logistics

fulfillment logistics

a choice to grow

from necessity to opportunity

Imagine your e-commerce is growing fast, storage space is not enough, and average pick-up times are increasing. At first, this may almost feel like a “nice problem” to have. But this quite common situation can soon become a major obstacle to business growth.

There are two options to move forward. One is investing in your logistics infrastructure, meaning warehouse and staff, which will bring on fixed costs. The other is to rely on a partner for warehouse management outsourcing, with variable costs depending on handling operations.

By partnering up with e-motion, not only will you benefit from managing orders and shipments worldwide from a single integrated platform, but you will also achieve maximum operational efficiency in storage and preparation.

centralized control

Logistics is a fundamental and decisive cog in the e-commerce machine. It is the transmission shaft responsible for offloading the kinetic energy of the engine. If you want to beat your competitors, you have to remove all frictions in your operations to avoid hindering growth.

Get full control over the entire flow through the total integration with our services – from the receipt of goods to storage, preparation, shipping, and return control. Thanks to the power of our platform, and a network of reliable partners, you can start doing that right now, without any fixed costs.

For food merchants

If your priority is to preserve the freshness of food products (fruit and vegetables, cured meats, meat, cheese, wine, beer, etc.) and the storage of quick-frozen foodstuff and pharmaceuticals, we have the perfect solution…

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For fashion merchants

Shipping and storing clothes in an appropriate and protected way, managing returns, performing quality control and reconditioning are among the main needs of the fashion industry, which is currently experiencing a significant increase in online sales worldwide.

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Worldwide Shipping

Don’t limit the expansion of your business: thanks to our integrations with leading international carriers, we give you access to over 200 destinations worldwide.

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