How does FreshDelivery work?

FreshDelivery® allows you to send fresh products at controlled temperatures departing and arriving anywhere in Italy.

Special requirements

FreshDelivery® turns a delivery service, which is generally complex to handle due to the type of goods involved, into a simple and intuitive process.

To implement it, we’ve had to consider some essential factors:

  • The starting point must be approved for the collection of fresh goods. In most cases, the process is completely automatic and does not involve any action on behalf of the user;
  • In some areas, the pickup is only carried out on certain days of the week, meaning that pickup can only be requested on those specific days;
  • In some areas, delivery only takes place on certain days of the week. The platform takes this into account to suggest the best collection date;
  • Rates depend on the departure area (North, Center, South or the Islands) and the destination region;
  • The service provides a booking procedure for the collection by the courier that has a fixed daily cost.

How it works

Order fulfillment with FreshDelivery® is divided into two phases.

Shipments are first created for all orders that need to be fulfilled. Once they are ready, collection by a courier is booked.

Phase one: creating the shipments

The shipment is created through the usual procedure: the operator only needs to select Fresco as the type of goods to be shipped and proceed as for any other order.

Once the details of the shipment are filled in, the operator must choose the pickup date. The platform only offers available dates based on the collection days associated to the starting point.

In the pop-up calendar, days corresponding to shipments awaiting collection are highlighted in green. The final pickup date can be set again during the second phase.

Phase two: booking a pickup

The user can manage the booking of a pickup by a courier for all the shipments awaiting collection in the section Spedizioni > FreshDelivery. 

Once the starting point has been chosen, the user can select orders that are ready for collection. Considering that a fixed cost of 25 euros is added to the pickup, the more orders are handed over to the courier at once, the lower the impact of this cost on each order will be.

At this stage, the user chooses a single pickup date for all selected orders.

Delivery times based on pickup and delivery availability

Given that in some areas collection and delivery only take place on certain days of the week, the overall duration of the delivery may be slowed down. If, for example, pickup at the departure point can only take place on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays and delivery to the recipient’s address only on Tuesdays or Thursdays, it may happen that a shipment delivered to the courier on Wednesday does not reach the destination until the following Tuesday. Our platform assists the user by automatically indicating the expected dates based on the departure address and arrival point while ensuring that the cold chain is maintained for the entire duration of the trip.