logistics and shipping

for the fashion industry

the “tailored” solution

The fashion industry is experiencing a significant increase in online sales. Some of the primary needs of fashion merchants are the possibility of shipping and storing clothing in an appropriate and protected way, returns management, quality control and reconditioning.

Our solution responds to all those requirements, thanks to the tools provided by our platform and to our logistics partners specialized in fashion. We guarantee the total protection of products and ensure that they are received in perfect conditions.

We also provide excellent returns management, which is a very delicate process for merchants as well as for clients. By granting excellent results both in the information flow and regarding control and reconditioning, we ensure a timely and efficient stock movement.

For food merchants

If your priority is to preserve the freshness of food products (fruit and vegetables, cured meats, meat, cheese, wine, beer, etc.) and the storage of quick-frozen foodstuff and pharmaceuticals, we have the perfect solution…

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Partnerships with 3PL

Our platform works in synergy with 3PL partners, providing them with a unique tool capable of improving operational efficiency in the shipment management process. We also make them our strategic partners in the supply of outsourced logistics for our customers.

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Fulfillment logistics

Your e-commerce is growing fast, storage space is not enough, and average pick-up times are increasing. These are all common scenarios…

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