Call Center

24 / 7 / 365

A fast and efficient call center dedicated to the management of all after-sales for maximum customer satisfaction.


Timely interventions for the resolution of problems related to non-deliveries, stock, and claims, often before the glitch even occurs to the customer.


All the flow is managed by our staff, including taking charge of the request, approving it, and sending instructions.

a single contact

After-sales is a very critical step in the customer journey and often becomes the leading cause of negative feedback.

Managing the process thoroughly is very costly for merchants, as it requires a high investment in terms of time and staff.

Our Call Center becomes the single point of contact for your customers. We deal with all the critical aspects of this phase, solving problems, ensuring maximum efficiency, and sparing you from negative feedback.

Alternatively, if you decide to manage after-sales on your own, we provide you with a complete set of tools to achieve maximum efficiency.