maximum power and flexibility

The flexible solution for those who want to achieve maximum results while remaining autonomous. B4B® allows you to take advantage of all the benefits and features of our platform while continuing to use pre-existing contracts with your couriers.

integration with the couriers

Ship everywhere thanks to the integration with all the main couriers and premium last-mile delivery services.

integration with platforms

Integrations with all e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, for a complete and synchronized order management.

the power of the GOC®

The optimal choice of courier, contract acquisition, detailed analysis of the couriers’ invoices, and the revolutionary comparative contractual check-up.

B4B®, B4B® Plus, B4B® Unlimited: scalable solutions

The B4B® solution adapts to every volume, in the Plus and Unlimited versions it incorporates the  GOC®, to guarantee maximum results, in terms of efficiency and operational and management optimization, to large merchants and logistics platforms.

Compare features and prices of the different B4B® solutions.

would you rather go for a carefree solution?

What we have in mind for you is PayPerShip®a complete solution that includes shipping costs in one flat rate, with no surprises.