custom notifications

Timely and reliable notifications for your customers, entirely customizable to suit your needs.

returns management

From request to authorization, through the sending of instructions and the monitoring of returns, we help you keep the entire flow under control.

anomaly management

Claims, shipment on hold, absent recipient: we have all the tools to solve any problem, in real time.

the power of customized notifications

Notifications are not just a way of updating recipients on the status of the shipment. They are also a powerful marketing tool, as they’re the first real contact between the merchant and the customer right after the purchase.

We help you make the most of this first exchange and improve your appeal towards your customers by providing you with a set of tools to customize notifications in line with your brand identity, regardless of the courier used.

The automatic shipment notification system is completely customizable. You choose how many and which communications to send, and what is the event that triggers the automatic sending.

simplified returns management

Returns can be managed in a few simple steps. Once you set up the drop-off location for your return, our platform automatically proceeds to the creation of the waybill and sends it to the client, together with all the instructions needed for them to prepare the package and arrange for pick-up with the courier by themselves.

The shipment’s return journey benefits from the same traceability and anomaly management services as any other shipment managed by our platform.

anomaly management

Anomalies in shipment can happen, whether due to claims, stocks, or absent recipients. When they occur, they do not only impact the management and the economy of a business, but also the customer experience, leading to potential complaints.

Our platform provides you with tools for fast and efficient troubleshooting so that you can solve the problem before the customer even notices that something has gone wrong.

claims management

In the event of theft, loss or damage, we provide you with Safe Shipping®, a service aimed at minimizing the operational and economic impact of the management of goods that got potentially damaged or lost during transport.

shipment on hold

Shipments on hold can be managed by communicating directly with the recipient or by setting up simple rules that get automatically triggered by specific elements such as time limits, or free days of storage included in the contract with the courier.

cash on delivery

The management of cash on delivery is perfectly integrated so that you can find out at any time which payments have been collected and know in advance the sum that will be credited to your account.

Once your account has been credited, you can quickly filter the cashouts collected, based on the bank transfer references, instantly coupling sales and payments.

a complete toolset for after-sales management 

After-sales is a very critical step of the customer journey, which can become the leading source of negative feedback if handled poorly. Merchants are required to invest lots of resources in terms of time and staff to provide an excellent after-sales customer experience.

Our solution provides you with all the necessary tools for efficient and independent management of after-sales. If you prefer, you can also entrust it entirely to our dedicated Call Center.